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Questions ?

So something you should now about me. I like doing surveys and answering questions about myself. I don't know why I like it and I find it pretty weird 'cause normal people absolutely don't like that. I love answering questions not because I want everyone to know what I think, but I want to know what I think about my self. And I just read one of my daily bloggers today and she's got this 11 questions thing on her blog, I think I gonna answer all of them out for ya ! Enjoy !

1. what new place would you most like to visit?
           Well, this is the hardest thing on earth. I travel a lot each year. For the last 3 years, I travel for like 3 months each year. Last year it was 4, I guess so you guys can imagine how often I travel. I've been to all over the world and I have this thing which I love going back to the same place over and over again but I still pray each night that one day, I will travel around the world.
            So what new place would I most like to visit ......... I guess it'd be anywhere in France. I want to take like a 3 months trip to France. I've been to Paris once and that makes me so crazy about France. I want to speak French too so it's such a good idea to be there for almost half a year. It's my biggest crush right now <3

2. what colour would your dream house be painted?

             I don't really have a favorite color because I'm typically a colorful person. My closet is full with every single color. But if I can only choose only one, it might be green or yellow. But I'd rather have a colorful house than a single color one anyway.

3. what three famous people, alive or dead, do you admire most?

            First I want to start with someone who is not famous, my dad. He's my inspiration. He's pretty much everything that makes me who I am today. And the first thing I want to do when I get everything I want is to pay him back with everything he has done for me. He's such a true hero and I can't tell you guys how much he means to me.

           So back to the question, three famous people? Oprah Winfrey would be in my top three. She made everything out of nothing and I respect her for that. She's changed the world. Can you believe that?
           Next might be Amelia Earhart. She's my biggest crush. Trust me, she's the most admirable woman on earth. I cried so hard when I learned about her. I felt so bad for her family when she was missing and never got to return home. She made us proud, as a woman. 
          The last one, is pretty hard to choose. Might be the Queen. She's a tough woman, a great daughter, a wonderful mother and so good with eveything, even fashion. She seems pretty nice to me. I think people feel happy being around her, maybe just me. 

4. if you could go back in time for one day, what day or what time period would you choose?

          One day ? I don't think I want to do that. I regret about so many things but going back sometimes makes you feel worse than you already are. I think letting it go is the only way out. But really, if I could go back one day, I wanted to be in Paris, when Coco Chanel was still alive and everything was about style. Must be pretty cool, huh?

5. who was your first celebrity crush?

     I think it was Drew Barrymore. I watched her in Music and Lyrics and fell in love with her, totally in love with her. She's still my favorite actress now, just not the most favorite. But she's still someone I would remember forever.

6. what mythical creature would you most like to have as a pet?

      Pegasus ! I always want to fly high on a white horse. But horses are actually something I hate so much, I barely want to see it, even on the internet. Maybe something with wings might be better ;P

7. what was your favourite childhood cartoon?

     I loved everything about Disney, I still do. Especially Ariel, the mermaid and Jasmine in Aladdin. They're both so charming. I was so crazy about Disney back then.

8. where did your blog name come from?

       Because I am obsessed with traveling and I couldn't find something that suits me more. I love how it sounds, how it feels and how it describes me best and so that's why I named myself THEMISSTRAVELLER. It's my favorite name of all time. I use it to create my own imaginary world (:

9. if you could choose your own super power, what would it be?

         Flying! If you read my answer for Question number 6, you'd know how much I love to fly. I fly a lot, true with airlines. I just want to have a super power to fly whenever I want, no need to use a pegasus ;P poor horses.

10. which is your favourite season?

       Might be every season except Summer. I hate hot weather, very much. Spring is when flowers are blooming and I get to see all these beautiful natural colors and a bright sky with a chilly weather I love. Fall is when leaves are falling and It's colder than ever, which is why I love it most probably. Winter is super super extraordinary for me because I really love cold weather, am obsessed with freezing condition. LOL. What I love most about winter is Christmas and New Year celebration. I love buying presents, watch snowfalls and of course, Christmas shopping <3

11. what is your favourite sea creature?

             Seals and Dolphins, my all time favorite (: Sometimes I think jellyfish is super super fluffy and would be so wonderful to touch. But I've had tons of science classes and that's not a very good idea to touch jellyfishes or else, I wouldn't be able to touch dolphins for a while :D

Bye everyone! If you actually read it till now, thanks so much. 
Have a great weekend <3
See ya pretty soon.

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Life is like a musical

I'm currently so obsessed with musical right now. I was just back from this incredible musical and It's pretty much my first time. The thing is, I really love the story. It's based on a book and I absolutely love the author. 
Let's see... You guys might like it too. It's about a woman, a really special woman who lived through a lot of different situations because she lived during the time when the royal issue was really hard and she got to see 4 kings so the name of the story is 4 lands, it's not exactly 4 lands but you know, it's about the king and the country so 4 kings mean 4 lands and they were so different. 
I love the leading actress, though. She can express all the sadness and emotions from the book to the real stage. I cried a lot too, actually. 
I'm quite a sensitive person so I always cry about books, movies and some real stories. Family and losing someone are just something that I can't well, accept, maybe. I don't know. 
Every time I watch something or read about losing someone you love, I just break down. It's like I can't stand the fact that someone I love, is just gone, forever. And in this musical, there were like tons of emotional scenes and romantic story which always touch me, again.
Okay, back to the musical. You know, the leading lady, she was a strong woman. She needed to live without her mom since she was really young, that must be really hard. But she was lucky that she found this man and he really loved her. I fell in love with the actor already. He was really sweet and he didn't care about any other women. That was so romantic <3
Her marriage was okay, more than great, except that her kids were so different from each other and of course, she lost one of her son to a bloody disease. 
I just hate watching people dying, and maybe because I'm so into books and movies which are not real but I still feel like I'm connected to them. I always think about the story afterwards, like before I go to bed. I wonder what the story might be after that, you know. I just need to know what it should be. I really take things too seriously. 
Well, I don't know what to say next about the musical. There's a lot going on in my mind about it right now so I don't know whether I should type it down or not cause it's just my feeling right now, it doesn't really matter to anyone.
Oh yeah! About my blog, there're still no comments YET! I know, people are not so interested in my story but there might still be someone out there who can relate to my life and well, actually like what I'm writing here. 
I gonna buy the book before the end of the year for sure! If I don't forget soon (:
My school is opening in a week and I just can't wait to see my fabulous friendsssssssssssss.
Have a good life. 

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Well, here we go!

This is like the first time that I actually have the feeling to write something down. I mean, I love writing but I usually stop writing my diary the day after I first start so that's probably why I've still got tons of notebooks waiting for me. 
My life story is pretty normal, sometimes boring. I'm still in high school, somewhere you guys wouldn't imagine. It's just a typical country, of course, every country is typical. Just so you know, I'm a non-English speaker so my grammar and everything are sometimes ridiculous. 
What should I start with? Let's see ...... maybe, my passion.
Traveling has been a part of my life since i was a kid. I love speaking English and everything in English. I don't know how, I don't know why. I just feel it. Every time I start speaking English, It's like I can finally express my true self, who I really am. For everyone who is starting to wonder what's the point of telling of these things, I'm a pretty imaginative girl and I can just say whatever I think about from my boring life to discovering an alien. 
Okay, back to the travel stuff. I mean, I'm considering of living everywhere in this world for like, I don't know, a year each. So that I can get to live everywhere which seems impossible and nonsense. 
I travel a lot, though. This year, I've been to tons of places around the world. Pretty much all of them are a English-speaking country. I should tell you all about my journey this year in some other posts that will come, maybe a gazillion years after this one. I don't typically write a journal so I don't know how to keep track with my ideas and stuff. 
This is getting awkward and BORING!
One more thing that I really really love is Fashion. I might end up working in a fashion industry because I can't really see myself working with something else. I love the idea of business. You know, management, marketing, merchandising, those words just impress me. I'm still a sophomore so I've got 2 more years to decide whether I can live with my dream or I need to let it go. Sounds sad, huh? 
WOW! I've written a lot during this 5 minute post of mine. Let's keep going. 
I also enjoy music. I play some instruments which one of them is GUITAR! I'm still learning, though. Not like I'm already Taylor Swift or anything. I thought that I can be her one day but well, If I was so determined like Swift, I would be a forever superstar by now. 
I love love love singing. But there's one problem about my vocal interest is that I've never sang in front of that many people, just a couple of my friends with my super super quiet voice. Sometimes I wonder what my voice sounds for other people but I never have the courage to perform and ask for comments. Maybe someday, soon. 
Do you think you get a picture of me? I still don't have time to post some pictures. 
People says I'm good at photographing. They say I have a different view of thinking so that might be good. I love looking outside the window and imagine what it'd be like in a camera. I usually take millions of pictures during my school break and holidays. 
I'm pretty good at studying, though. My grades are not that bad. They're fine for me. I don't think I gonna be a nobel scientist or a doctor or anything that requires a master of Chemistry, Physics and those stuff so I don't worry that much.
I enjoy going to school but like everyone else, I also like taking a break and sleeping in. 

Do you think you will get along with me? 
I think I gonna keep posting until I finish high school and after that I just need to see where my life takes me. Maybe I gonna be a professional blogger when I'm 80. Who knows?
Today is Friday and that reminds me of Rebecca Black. I've never heard of her in quite a long while. I wonder what she's going now. 
It's finally December, the most wonderful time of the year. 
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and the best December of all time. I can't wait for 2012. I'm ready for a fresh new year start! 
If you are still interested in what I'm talking about here, check out my blog often so maybe you can see if I make any progress with this thing. It's so hard at first but I think I will get it figured out soon.
Tons of hopes and dreams for everyone (: